Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update time! Wow, I've been so bad lately. Haven't read one book for review but I have finished editing the two books I had (Immortal Blossom and I'm Falling for the Vampire) and they are into their respective publishers. I've proofed Dakota's newest masterpiece (Blunder Woman) and am almost finished with the next in Cat Marster's her Sundown series (Never Leave Me). If you haven't read this series yet, you need to. They are loosely linked by a company named Sundown but each really stands on their own and they are fast paced (good for me) and active! I also haven't touched a craft in so long I probably wont remember how to!

Let's see I've also signed Lorraine up for Karate... God help me! Here she is in her uniform (TOO big as you can see). She the smallest in her class but actually does listen to the teacher when he gives direction. This is a HUGE change from her every day listening activities! Her Mother's Day present made me cry like a big baby!!

The saying at the bottom is: Mommy has red, orange, and white hair. It's pretty! She doesn't cook, but Daddy does. We go to the park together to play. I love her so much, all the way up to the moon!

Wyatt's picture was a picture of him in a frame he decorated at school:

Well, I better get back to work so the boss doesn't get mad! Plus the IT people will hunt me down for accessing my blog and destroy it. Their mean people... even though I sleep with one of them, they don't give me special access to the internet. Can you believe it?

PS: I'm going to meet with ARR people for breakfast on Friday and CP people (including Dakota, Isy, and Michelle) for lunch on Friday. Jealous? LOL