Sunday, June 25, 2006

On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again. So yesterday, after working all day, we finally left for our huge two week vacation. We left Daytona Beach area around 8pm (only 1 hour later than I had planned!) and arrived at our hotel in Savannah, GA at midnight.

Let me explain a big thing about me, I am a HUGE control freak! I can't stand to let others drive me, even poor hubby. This means that I drove four hours last night and then the 10 hours (the last 2 through rain) today to Rockville, MD. We're here for a day then Monday we head towards Auburn, MA.

In South Carolina, I saw a bill board for a country store,
Carolina Cider Company, selling cherry and peach cider. I pointed it out to Erik and we decided what the heck we are on vacation. We stopped and found this little open air-like store. They gave us samples of their cherry, peach and grape ciders. They also had a table with hot sauces, jams, and a sweet potato butter spread. We ended up with Cherry Cider and Sweet Potato Butter. I asked my dad to make his (world famous) biscuits in the morning. I can’t wait to have my butter on that!

We had planned to stop at South of the Border for a picnic and play on the play ground. You know what? They don’t have picnic tables or a play ground! Erik said it, those don’t make any money for South of the Border. So we headed to the North Carolina visitor center. You know of the four states we went through today, North Carolina was the most beautiful!! They have these BEAUTIFUL yellow flowers all over the median on 95. Their Welcome Center is beautiful as well. We had a lovely picnic there and then tossed the Frisbee for a while. This is actually not as fun as it sounds. The kiddies are just learning how to toss the Frisbee. Then we went to their lake to toss bread to the duckies… they don’t have any. Then the kiddies rolled down the hills until my eyes started to sweat! Then headed out to Virginia.

The interchange of 95/395/495 in Springfield, VA has always been my freakiest driving moment. It’s a fight to get off onto 495 because you have to slow down to get off the road when others are speeding off to get onto395/495. However, now it’s nice and easy piesie. The worst part was the rain and accidents.

We are here now and I hope to do nothing but sleep tomorrow. The kids are asleep and I’m hoping they will stay that way for 12 hours. Doubt it. LOL Will post more later.