Friday, December 29, 2006

OMG!!! Far too long since I last blogged and Erin and Dakota are in a blog war. Isy has hit me with a blog tag... oy!

Four jobs I've had:
Office Manager
Vet Tech
Office Assistant

Four places I've lived:
Iowa (as a baby)
Guam (as a Navy brat)
Maryland (as a child to teen)
Florida (as a happy adult I love warm weather)

Four favorite foods:
Steak (rare/med-rare)
Pork Roast

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Tank Girl
Joe VS the Volcano
Sound of Music
Fifth Element

Four TV shows I enjoy:
Dead Like Me

Four places I've traveled:
South Carolina

Four places I'd like to visit:
Los Vegas

Four web sites I go to (almost) daily:
Yahoo (MyYahoo)
Avon (I have to place orders)
Bank of America (I don't keep a check registry)
Florida Sex Offender registry (sorry, work)

Four people I'm tagging to do this too: (do I know four people?)
Alexa Aames
Isabelle Spurrier
Cassandra Kane
Header W.

(ok, I cheated and pulled three of my authors!) LOL

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It was a night to remember:

So yesterday was VERY VERY busy. Erik and I worked with his sister in law in the morning and then we took the kiddies to Daytona USA at the speedway in the afternoon.

We had a blast and I kept getting chills being that close to NASCAR (I'm a freak!). We watched cars go around the track. I thought they were testing, but I was wrong. It was the Richard Petty Driving Experience which Mean Erik would NOT let me pay $150 for!! Of course I couldn't see my fat ass climbing through a window either. LOL
The downer of the Daytona USA experience was that Erik's LARGE stone picked that day out of the past two weeks to act up. He's been fighting this stone for 2 months now and the Doctor has adopted a wait and see attitude. Yesterday it was bad. Erik threw up at the track. When we came home he went straight to bed, but that was planned as he was going out around midnight to do a job with his brother. He woke up three times had had BLACK bm. Finally we got up and stayed up around 9pm, he decided to take an Imodium Ad. However, he never made it. What he also almost didn't make it was to the bathroom. There was blood everywhere! He threw up so hard that I thought his insides were coming out... so did he. He wasn't going to tell me until he started cleaning up and realized he better.

911 later, the ambulance guys are stretchering him out of my house without a word to me. I double checked that he was going to the local hospital and then started making calls. I had to call his parents because I couldn't take the children to the hospital. Then I had to call his brother. Dad came to the house to sleep so we didn't have to wake the monsters and Mom joined me at the hospital.

Short story long... (LOL) he's now at a different hospital and they are blaming the anitinflamitories that he was self medicating (the ones his Dr prescribed!) as the reason he has ulcers. Of course we don't know for sure but today the Gastro.... what ever will do a scope of his stomach and do what needs to be done to fix it. I'm going to ask about what he can do for the pain of the stone now that they are saying that he can't take Advil or Toridol (spelled?).

On a different front Lorraine's first tooth is LOOSE!!! My baby *sobbing*

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It's an ugly thing. You sit there in your easy chair, your butt getting sore and your brain turning to mush. But you have your night timed down to one hour slots and pee breaks during the commercials.

Television is an ugly addiction. We all have it... even me and for three months last year we had our TV cut off to try and save money. As a result of the three months we really haven't been much on watching TV. We spent more time on our computers and with the monsters. However, they go to bed at 7 and we, hubby and me, have to spend time together. Well that's a horror :) so on comes the TV.

Now we have hours of TV watching. Mostly on Tuesday nights. We are addicted to Dead Like Me which, from what I can tell, is already cancelled and I'm so sad. It's really a very though provocking show. Then we move to House (different channel) and get to spend an hour with the caustic and seemingly unemotional Doctor. Finally we go back to the Sci-Fi channel for Eureaka and to a phrase I've come to love "Oh, this isn't good".

Lately, due to changing TV line up we can no longer watch the same Deep Space 9 show that we use to catch ever day at lunch. So in an effort to not watch As the World Crumbles (or what ever it's called) we watch "trainning videos." Worlds Wildest Police Videos is narrated by Retired Sheriff Cheezy and for the most part shows police pursuits. However there are the few videos in which the collection Sheriff Investigators, Sergeants, and Lieutenants will sit quietly and stoically watching. Granted this show has the overabundance of cheesiness but at times I've learned from it and worried about the friends I've made at work. However, I've also at times, laughed at the hokiness of it with my co-workers.

I've been known to watch American Idol and jack up the text message charges on my cell phone. So much of our evenings are spent now watching various shows, from thought provoking to the inane to the instructive.

So what evening addiction can you NOT pull yourself away from? Bet it’s Dancing With the Stars … or Duets … but I also bet your as addicted to Bridezilla too!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

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Nalini Singh

Berkley / September 2006

Slave to Sensation

Welcome to a future where emotion is a crime and powers of the mind clash brutally against those of the heart.

Sascha Duncan is one of the Psy, a psychic race that has cut off its emotions in an effort to prevent murderous insanity. Those who feel are punished by having their brains wiped clean, their personalities and memories destroyed.

Lucas Hunter is a Changeling, a shapeshifter who craves sensation, lives for touch. When their separate worlds collide in the serial murders of Changeling women, Lucas and Sascha must remain bound to their identities…or sacrifice everything for a taste of darkest temptation.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dropped Ball!!

Ever do that? Have great plans for a daily detail of the great summer event and then suddenly realize that it was a month since your last post? Oy! So in a nut shell we had a great vacation... LOL I can't remember everything that happened but needless to say Maine is BEAUTIFUL and Uncle Bs house is the most relaxing spot in the mountains!

We enjoyed the 50th wedding anniversary and Lorraine feel in love with Cousin S... that is an easy thing to do. She's a beautiful woman who is very sweet. I'm so proud to announce that S made it into nursing school... not an easy event to do. We have great wishes for her to graduate with ease.

We also enjoyed Mass and it's lovely rocky beaches. The kids went wild at Wells Beach, a place we are definately going to add to our list of future vacation spots. We saw Kenny Bunkport... kind of, it was very foggy and we could bearly see it. We went to the Breakers in New Port RI. Such a small summer cottage for the Vanderbelt (spelled wrong isn't it?). Good grief! I could live well in their bathroom!!!

We headed back to Hershey and had a great time. However, the hotel we had for two nights was TERRIBLE. We put our breakfast plates in the hall before leaving for the park and they were still there at 10:30 that night! I wrote a long letter explaining all the things we found wrong with the hotel, but also mentioned that we really found the front desk staff to be very professional. Just this week we recieved a full refund for our stay there. I'll keep them in mind for if we go back to Hershey Park.

We went to my parents for the 4th of July and my father's birthday. Saw my new nephew finally and my darling little niece... she's growing up so fast!

Finally, we returned home where I became busy BUSY with editing. I'm still editing for Liquid Silver and now also edit for Changeling Press who keeps me busy as HECK... I love it!!

Ok, gone again!

testing a new way to post a picture so that I can have a better photo of my new avatar. bear... with... me :o)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday, July 2, we’ve headed from Attleboro, MA to Harrisburg, PA by way (out of the way) of Deerfield, MA. The flagship store for the Yankee Candle Company is there. It’s HUGE. I had thought to only spend 30 minutes in the store. However, 2 hrs and $90 poorer (I’m going to have to get a second job) we finally left the store. We did have lunch there (that was $25) and I got three small candles, three car fresheners, two lotions (for my co-worker who is the whole reason we went there) and one little purse for Miss Thing (aka Lorraine).

I was heartbroken to realize how much time was lost in that store. I had really wanted to get to our hotel room in New Cumberland with reasonable time to rest and perhaps swim in their pool. Instead we arrived after nine pm and to a darken area. Apparently 2 hours prior to our arrival there was a power outage and our hotel was included. I went inside anyway to see what could be done. For goodness sake I was exhausted and cranky… forgot to mention that Aunt Flo (the bitch) arrived for her monthly visit last night. They had been able to get their computers to work and were able to check us in. We have an outside room with a door on both the inside of the hotel and the outside of the hotel (ironically right close to where we parked). When asked, I was told that there was only one luggage cart and that family over there had it. When I asked to borrow the cart they said no it was packed with their luggage. I almost let Aunt Flo do her stuff and bitch about their “luggage” being one small carry on suitcase and three towels, when we had one double sized suitcase, two children sized suitcases, a cooler (full of my beer), two book bags, a computer bag w/two computers, and three grocery bags to carry in when the father of the group (family tree shoots straight up) shows me the second luggage cart. So Aunt Flo went quietly back to bed with the promise of a beer the minute we arrived in the room… which was getting hot and was too dark to see in. But I missed possibly the worse thing that happened today.

We were getting ready to cross from New York into Pennsylvania and were a bit worried about when the next gas station would be. We decided to go ahead and stop and the FREAKING GAS WAS $3.19!!!!!!!! I about had a heart attack. But that’s not the worse of it. Eighty miles later we found gas for $2.79. Now we would not have made it that far on the 3.8 gallons we had left (we only had just over 60 miles before we ran out) but Erik did ask me “should we just get a few dollars worth and find something else” and I said no just fill it. I don’t want to have to stop again. Dumbass!!!! We wouldn’t have saved $1.50, we would have saved $6.80!! For F**KS sake, that’s more than 2 gallons of gas we would have saved! *sobbing*

But here we are in our hotel room. Wyatt will NOT got to sleep and Erik and I had wanted to sleep in our bed alone for the first time in a week but that’s not going to happen. I swear, he is getting worse as this trip goes along. He refuses to listen to us any more and anytime we don’t give him what he wants he screams, when we do give him what he wants he screams, if I look at him in exasperation he screams. I am going to Lowe’s in the morning and getting duck tape!!

Off to drink another beer!
And a good time was had by all! Today was the culmination of our entire trip. This was the very day/event that we planned our two week vacation around. Erik’s Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. This morning, we woke up early…

Oh wait I didn’t blog about yesterday (Friday, June 30). First we woke up and it turned out to be lovely. We all got ready and headed up to a restaurant by the beach, it was within walking distance. After “breakfast” (LOL), Erik, kiddies, MIL and I all headed to look at the beach. It was clearer than the day before and soon we ended up on the beach. My children (fully clothed) ran through the “lakes” and “rivers” on the beach. We found snails and more pretty rocks.

We ended up back at our rooms, taking HOT showers and packing up. After quite a bit of driving we were finally all in one car and met up with my brother-in-law and his family. We hit a lunch joint (Taco Bell) and the liquor joint and then were off to Erik’s cousin’s house. There they have a dog and a pool, so of course it didn’t take Lorraine long to decide that she was in love. My daughter decided to adopt the cousin and his lovely wife as her’s. She spent the night with them and never missed me. When I called in the morning she was headed off to get a new bathing suit because we had left with her suit. She didn’t care that we were off to go sight seeing with out her.

So, heartbroken and desolate, we headed off to Newport. This is a very cool town. However, due to time constraints we had to pack it all in. Most of the visit was done in the car. We did take a tour of The Breakers. OMG I wanna be that rich. It was B-E-A-UTIFUL!! I wanna be that rich (oops did I already say that). We took the scenic driving tour. I’d give to be as rich as the poorest house there! Needless to say it was a great drive.

We were, however, VERY late getting back and headed straight to the Elk’s to help set up. After a quick toss, me the kiddies, BIL and FIL all headed back to the rooms to get showers. Then everyone else arrived to also shower. We were still getting ready when we were supposed to have been at the hall! After a few hard moments with overly tired kiddies in the beginning, we all had a blast. Lorraine danced her heart out and suddenly realized that this would be the last time she would see Sandra and Brian (the cousins she adopted) and started sobbing. Since Mommy and Daddy refused to allow her to spend the night again (we are headed to PA in the morning), she walked the room until she found someone to take pity on her! Suddenly, Sandra and Brian couldn’t not let her down and they even danced (as a group) together. Finally, the girl fell asleep in Sandra’s arms. I offered them $3 to take her (was that wrong?) the declined and said they would take her for free!

So now, here we are, late, sleepy and worn out. I’m the only one still up because I needed to get this down before tomorrow… well later today at any rate. We are off to PA in the morning with a side trip (hopefully) to Deerfield, MA to find a store for a friend of mine. I don’t know if we can take any more! LOL… I really do miss my bed.

Friday, June 30, 2006

No internet connection?!? Nooooo. LOL We arrived in Maine at 12:45pm on Tuesday. Though Maine had also been plagued with constant rain we brought sunshine, good old fashion Florida sunshine with us. It was hot and humid when we got here but not raining. The kids jumped out of the van and, after the cursory hellos, they were off! I swear, Lorraine is a nuclear energy plant! She ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran… well I could go on forever. She sat down long enough for dinner but then got up and ran again! Uncle B has 40 acres on the top of a “small hill” (ie: mountain for us flatland Florida people), across the “field” is his nephew’s and he has an 8 year old girl who had been waiting for us. After some initial running, Lorraine started playing with this girl. They would disappear and return periodically. I being the control freak and liking to always know where my girl was… didn’t care. LOL I was too busy soaking up the beauty of this place and resting like I was on vacation. Finally, after a day and a half we were with my in-laws who love and adore the kids (but then who wouldn’t) and are happy answering their many questions.

Out back of this large house is the rolling back yard. It goes down hill, right into an up hill. This is Lorraine’s favorite running place. Run down hill, run up hill, turn around, run down hill, run up hill. I swear on my mother that she was still doing it at 9:30 pm Tuesday night. Needless to say, after wrapping Meme and Papa around her little finger and sleeping with them, she was the last person up, sleeping until 9 am on Wednesday.

Wednesday dawned a dreary day. It was overcast and had the look of rain. Uncle B, our cousin, Meme, and I went into town. Our poor van needed a vacuum and bath and we needed fixin’s for a lobster boil! Ayuh, I said labstah. The nephew was able to pick up live lobster for a really good price and we got hotdogs, potatoes, onions, sausage, and corn. Now this is my first time with lobster and it was… ok. I love the legs, the body with it guts looked too nasty for me and I got the tail out easily but then I saw (well there’s no nice way of saying this) the poop shoot and couldn’t do it!! I devoured the legs though (being a Maryland girl I can chow on some crab legs and lobster legs were too far from them).

Thursday morning we got up and (after a few things were taken care of) headed off. We went to the coast Wells Beach. Erik took us on a tour of Kennebunk Port. He use to work there every August with the first Bush President when he was stationed at White House Communications Agency. We had lunch on the inlet and I had a lobster roll (had heard about them on the Food Channel) and Erik had fried scallops. Now, I know that I’ll never get another lobster roll but DANG his fried scallops were like candy!

Currently we are at our hotel. If you look out our window and to the right you can see a sliver of the beach. I know this is shocking but I’m freezing cold! The kids want to go to the pool and beach and I just want to snuggle up with a beer or Margarita!

We went to dinner at a very lovely restaurant yesterday called Alfredo’s. It was family owned and operated. My mother in law and I share a pizza that I can’t remember the name of. It was a white pizza that had black olives (oh yeah), artichokes, tomatoes, pesto, and onions. OMG was it yummy. We got the kids one basket of chicken tenders that they shared, Erik had a cheese stake and his dad had a meatball sub. I can’t express how wonderful this restaurant was. If you ever get to Wells Beach you need to eat here it’s on US 1.

We walked the beach. It’s different because of all the rocks. In Florida it’s all sand and flat. Out here there are rocks and little lakes and rivers running on the beach. Hopefully we are heading out there again this morning.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I’ve got no song for you, I’m tapped! LOL Yesterday, Monday, June 26, we left MD only 1 hr late (that’s pretty good for me!). We headed north to what looked to be pretty bad weather. It looked as if we were going to get rain all day. This weekend the weather channel had shown rain all along the East Coast. My in-laws (who are already in Maine) said that they’ve had nothing but rain.

Anyhow, we were just inside PA on 15 when the little guy said that he had to pee. We stopped one place and their bathrooms were for paying customers. So we went across the street to a gas station. This turned out better for us because we (kind of) got to see our first mountains. Kind of because it was still really cloudy and grey. We continued onward until we found Hershey Chocolate Factory.

The first thing we did there was to take the “Factory Tour”. This isn’t a real tour of the factory (which I had been looking forward to), instead it was a mock factory. It showed each section of the process included heat (for when they roast the bean) to the smells (when they pour the finished product). The kids applied for a job in the interactive factory thingy. LOL They got a cog (like a gear cog) and pushed a button to fill it with kisses, then they shook it all up, and sent it on it’s way down the conveyor belt with a kiss. They had fun but Wyatt pushed his button twice and then didn’t want to let his go!

We got a work badge with their picture on it and they got a cog full of candy out of it. Then we decided to break our “not buying food on the road” promise and had lunch at the cafĂ© there. Two “lunch boxes” for the kids (included a sandwich, jello, and a tiny white chocolate Kit Kat bar), chocolate milk (split between the two kids), two sandwiches (for Mommy and Daddy), two chips, and two cokes cost us $30!!!!!! The thing is Erik and I could have split a sandwich we both ended up with half a sandwich left (I ate mine for dinner last night). Then we REALLY got bad and got desert from the bakery. Each of us got a desert and that came to about $6. Then we each got a candy bar. Did you know that they now have a Reeses with marshmallow fluff! Wyatt and I got that, it was ok. I’ll stick with the original Reeses though, thank you.

When we got out of Hershey it was actually sunny! We had a pretty good driving day. When we were in the mountains (OMG I had forgotten what mountains looked like since we live in Florida) going down hills and around curves at the same time is a tad freaky! However, since we didn’t have any rain at the time I was ok and it was a rather beautiful drive. I did get a bit freaked out when I looked out my window to a valley WAY below us! We hit some rain and some traffic but arrived at our hotel around 6:50 pm. This allowed us to relax and eat dinner in our room. They have a spa/whirlpool which we went to and spend 15 luxurious minutes in with the jets hitting my poor sore neck. Did I mention that I was a control freak and wont allow anyone else to drive me? My right hand was so cramped I couldn’t use it anymore. I would have to drive with my left hand and being a righty makes that a bit difficult.

Today we are of to Maine to Erik’s uncle’s house, where his parents are waiting for us. I’m really hoping they are having the sunny day we are right now since they are only 4 hours away from where we are right now.

I don’t think I’ll able to post for a few days. I don’t know about the next few places we are staying and if they have internet access. However, I’ll still keep a journal and post when I can. TTFN (and my Mommy likes to say).

Monday, June 26, 2006

Rain, rain go away, my kids are killing me today! LOL Ok so this was suppose to be for yesterday but it rained all day and we were busy keeping the kids busy. Poor things, they had spent all day Saturday in the van and couldn’t run around like they need to, then we wake up and it is pouring rain. In fact, when we returned home from dinner last night my dad emptied the rain gauge. This was about 6:30 pm. Before going to bed there were 3 inches at I believe that was around 10pm. This morning there was a total of 4 inches.

So, mom and Erik took the kids to the mall where they have a play area. Of course it was PACKED. I stayed home to edit (no really!) and got one and a half submissions read (no editing). The group came home with a Lightening McQueen car with buttons and lots of noise and a mountain race track thing that makes (yep you guessed it) lots of noise! LOL

However, they have kept the kids busy. Right now we were suppose to be have been on the road about a half hour ago. Our plans are to go north, hit the Hershey chocolate plant and then drive on up to Auburn, MA where our next hotel is located. I wanted to take a detour to Deerfield, MA where they have the main Yankee Candle store but I’m not feeling that right now. LOL We’ll have to see later.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again. So yesterday, after working all day, we finally left for our huge two week vacation. We left Daytona Beach area around 8pm (only 1 hour later than I had planned!) and arrived at our hotel in Savannah, GA at midnight.

Let me explain a big thing about me, I am a HUGE control freak! I can't stand to let others drive me, even poor hubby. This means that I drove four hours last night and then the 10 hours (the last 2 through rain) today to Rockville, MD. We're here for a day then Monday we head towards Auburn, MA.

In South Carolina, I saw a bill board for a country store,
Carolina Cider Company, selling cherry and peach cider. I pointed it out to Erik and we decided what the heck we are on vacation. We stopped and found this little open air-like store. They gave us samples of their cherry, peach and grape ciders. They also had a table with hot sauces, jams, and a sweet potato butter spread. We ended up with Cherry Cider and Sweet Potato Butter. I asked my dad to make his (world famous) biscuits in the morning. I can’t wait to have my butter on that!

We had planned to stop at South of the Border for a picnic and play on the play ground. You know what? They don’t have picnic tables or a play ground! Erik said it, those don’t make any money for South of the Border. So we headed to the North Carolina visitor center. You know of the four states we went through today, North Carolina was the most beautiful!! They have these BEAUTIFUL yellow flowers all over the median on 95. Their Welcome Center is beautiful as well. We had a lovely picnic there and then tossed the Frisbee for a while. This is actually not as fun as it sounds. The kiddies are just learning how to toss the Frisbee. Then we went to their lake to toss bread to the duckies… they don’t have any. Then the kiddies rolled down the hills until my eyes started to sweat! Then headed out to Virginia.

The interchange of 95/395/495 in Springfield, VA has always been my freakiest driving moment. It’s a fight to get off onto 495 because you have to slow down to get off the road when others are speeding off to get onto395/495. However, now it’s nice and easy piesie. The worst part was the rain and accidents.

We are here now and I hope to do nothing but sleep tomorrow. The kids are asleep and I’m hoping they will stay that way for 12 hours. Doubt it. LOL Will post more later.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's been a while since I've posted, busy, busy, busy! Last Saturday, we took the little monsters to see Over the Hedge. Of course we all loved it. Raine will tell you that Hammy was the best character, Wyatt liked RJ and Mommy and Daddy were a bit partial toward Ozzie (we’re Trekies). It’s a funny movie with a lot of jokes just for Mom and Dad and action for the babies.

We went on Sunday to see X3 and weren’t so excited. I didn’t exactly enjoy the movie. I like it because I like X-Men, but there was something missing. People died who shouldn’t die and the relationships seemed fake. I don’t know, I just would have preferred something … else.

Yesterday, we watched Cars. OMG - LOVED IT!!! Raine liked Mater, Wyatt liked Lightening McQueen, Erik liked Luigi and I liked Doc. I have to say that I am a NASCAR fan and enjoyed all the nuances added to this movie. Darrell Waltrip’s “Boogidy, boogidy, boogidy” was in there as well as the infield and even on awesome flipping wreck. The funniest like (by far) was when Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) said “I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park.” I know it’s not right but that was funny as heck! We all enjoyed the movie and already have plans to buy the movie when it comes out.

From the previews that we’ve seen, this summer looks to be a GREAT summer for family movies and movies just for Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully, we can afford to go. The theater we went to last night charged $9 for adults!! We didn’t even try for popcorn, we’d’ve had to taken out a second mortgage just to pay for popcorn and soda!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

One would think that I have nothing to whine about. I mean really, you take a day off of work and meet with people who have been the best in your life for the past four years! You get to meet authors for the first time face to face and they actually remember your name AND your Yahoo! ID. You realize that the funniest person you've ever met on line is actually the funniest person you ever met in real life. This is important since the person you once felt was the best friend you have ever had turned out to be a psyco-paranoid lying bitch!

So really! What the hell do I have to be a whinner about.

Well... today is my birthday. A day to sleep in and do only what you want to do.

BUT (nod to Connie... yes I started a sentence with But!) today was not to be that day. Instead, it started with the cutest boy in the world sneaking into the queen sized bed. This bed isn't made for two adults (way) over 200 lbs. So, birthday girl wakes up with a knee in her over full bladder. She gets Darling Boy and Darling Husband out of bed... only to have Darling Girl arrives singing Happy Birthday in a strange voice. Mommy says, "Darling, do you feel ok?" Darling says "Well my froat feels sore." Mommy feels DGs forehead and WOW are you feeling a bit hot DG? Yep. Get temp. Yucky, electronic thermometer and get 97.4. Ok, Mommy takes own temp and gets 97.4 too. Send Daddy out for thermometer from store.

An hour later, Mommy has hours of Urgent Care and is waiting for Daddy (not patiently) to get back home to get DG to UC. Daddy shows up and the family leaves for UC. Three hours later, DG has strep throat and UC refuses to give shot because DG refuses to take shot.

Ok, I still have time for RT book signing. NOT

Now, DH's family wants to see movie that Vikky doesn't have any desire to see. What to do with three children?? VIKKY can watch them! Sure, she already had plans today, but what the fuck? Why can't she watch children, she's only going off to see people she works in the (get this) porn business with.

Hubby folds under family pressure and suddenly, Vikky's birthday is taking a downturn into hell. She starts blowing gaskets and has a complete and absolute melt down in the middle of the MALL for crap's sake!!!

Ends up being the worse day ever, everyone is concerned about movie times and my lake of flexibility to watch children when I'm needed. To top it all off... my brother is the ONLY person to call me on my birthday from MY side of the family.

In fact the only people who have made my birthday feel special is my new family, Changeling Press. With Sheri at the head of birthday wishes, I got “All Wrapped Up”. It was signed by three of the four authors (Angela (who’s husband is GORGEOUS), Ann, and Dakota… Kate wasn’t at RT) as well as any other CP author I could find at the time. It was beautiful… made me cry in a good way… as opposite of what my family has made me cry.

So there you have it. My complete mental break down and the me me me day blown to shit.

I’m such a baby!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update time! Wow, I've been so bad lately. Haven't read one book for review but I have finished editing the two books I had (Immortal Blossom and I'm Falling for the Vampire) and they are into their respective publishers. I've proofed Dakota's newest masterpiece (Blunder Woman) and am almost finished with the next in Cat Marster's her Sundown series (Never Leave Me). If you haven't read this series yet, you need to. They are loosely linked by a company named Sundown but each really stands on their own and they are fast paced (good for me) and active! I also haven't touched a craft in so long I probably wont remember how to!

Let's see I've also signed Lorraine up for Karate... God help me! Here she is in her uniform (TOO big as you can see). She the smallest in her class but actually does listen to the teacher when he gives direction. This is a HUGE change from her every day listening activities! Her Mother's Day present made me cry like a big baby!!

The saying at the bottom is: Mommy has red, orange, and white hair. It's pretty! She doesn't cook, but Daddy does. We go to the park together to play. I love her so much, all the way up to the moon!

Wyatt's picture was a picture of him in a frame he decorated at school:

Well, I better get back to work so the boss doesn't get mad! Plus the IT people will hunt me down for accessing my blog and destroy it. Their mean people... even though I sleep with one of them, they don't give me special access to the internet. Can you believe it?

PS: I'm going to meet with ARR people for breakfast on Friday and CP people (including Dakota, Isy, and Michelle) for lunch on Friday. Jealous? LOL

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NNNNOOOOOOOO! I would have BET money that Chris Daughtry was going to be the next American Idol. I have no money, but dammit, I would have bet it on him. So imagin my complete and udder shock tonight when, not only was Chris on the bottom two, but he was the one voted off.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Taylor's showmanship and voice, Elliot can belt out a song, and Katharine is beautiful and can sing like an angle, but Chris rocked. I mean he ROCKED. I would text vote for that man so many times and then throw in a few texts votes for one or two of the other contestants. For every 1 vote I threw at someone else, I voted for Chris at least 4 times.

So tonight I'm sad, cause I couldn't wait to see what else he had in store for us. This has been a most difficult, I really enjoyed most of the singers and feel that the last couple of weeks have been the hardest to decide who not to vote for.

I'm going to hide now.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Me blogging, who would have thought it. This’ll be mostly ramblings and nothing important. I have a lot of interests and hobbies, but nothing I’m extremely serious about… except for reading!

I’m 36 (will be 37 this month), married for 13 (going on 14) years, 2 children (Lorraine 6 and Wyatt 4), 1 dog, 1 inherited 20 yr old bird, 1 hamster, 1 Beta fish, and tons of debt! We live in Deltona Florida (home of the mass murder and 3 hurricanes in 2004, and multiple sinkholes in 2005). However, we live 30 minutes from the beach and I hate being cold! Both Erik and I work for the
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in the same building. I work for the Career Criminal Unit. We deal with registering felons and sex offenders. Since the start of the Jessica Lungsford Act, we have been extremely busy at work. We have to re-register sex offenders twice a year now.

I also work for
Ocean’s Mist Press and Liquid Silver Books as an editor, proof for Changeling Press, and review for A Romance Review. In my spare time I read, knit, crochet, and cross stitch. However, as you can tell I don’t have much spare time. Since I can’t edit, proof, review, or read a sequel until I read the first book(s), spend a lot of time reading!

Currently I’m working on:

Editing: Immortal Blossom by
Taige Crenshaw at OMP and Help I’m Falling for the Vampire Next Door by Celine Chatillon at LSB.

Proofing: Blunder Woman by
Dakota Cassidy at CP… Dakota has an awesome blog.

Reviewing: The Mad Knight’s Bride by
Kate Hill, Celestial Passions: Sheala by Judy Mays (which means I finally get to read Brianna first-refer to note about sequels), Flame of Shadows by Sahara Kelly, Ice Queen by Joey W. Hill, and Carolina Isle by Jude Deveraux.

Knitting, crocheting, and cross stitch: a blue ducky baby blanket, a synthetic felt square blanket, and a dragon (respectively).

Ok, well it’s nap time and I can’t sleep with out Wyatt… or is that the other way around. Have a nice nap and a great day!