Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It's an ugly thing. You sit there in your easy chair, your butt getting sore and your brain turning to mush. But you have your night timed down to one hour slots and pee breaks during the commercials.

Television is an ugly addiction. We all have it... even me and for three months last year we had our TV cut off to try and save money. As a result of the three months we really haven't been much on watching TV. We spent more time on our computers and with the monsters. However, they go to bed at 7 and we, hubby and me, have to spend time together. Well that's a horror :) so on comes the TV.

Now we have hours of TV watching. Mostly on Tuesday nights. We are addicted to Dead Like Me which, from what I can tell, is already cancelled and I'm so sad. It's really a very though provocking show. Then we move to House (different channel) and get to spend an hour with the caustic and seemingly unemotional Doctor. Finally we go back to the Sci-Fi channel for Eureaka and to a phrase I've come to love "Oh, this isn't good".

Lately, due to changing TV line up we can no longer watch the same Deep Space 9 show that we use to catch ever day at lunch. So in an effort to not watch As the World Crumbles (or what ever it's called) we watch "trainning videos." Worlds Wildest Police Videos is narrated by Retired Sheriff Cheezy and for the most part shows police pursuits. However there are the few videos in which the collection Sheriff Investigators, Sergeants, and Lieutenants will sit quietly and stoically watching. Granted this show has the overabundance of cheesiness but at times I've learned from it and worried about the friends I've made at work. However, I've also at times, laughed at the hokiness of it with my co-workers.

I've been known to watch American Idol and jack up the text message charges on my cell phone. So much of our evenings are spent now watching various shows, from thought provoking to the inane to the instructive.

So what evening addiction can you NOT pull yourself away from? Bet it’s Dancing With the Stars … or Duets … but I also bet your as addicted to Bridezilla too!