Saturday, May 20, 2006

One would think that I have nothing to whine about. I mean really, you take a day off of work and meet with people who have been the best in your life for the past four years! You get to meet authors for the first time face to face and they actually remember your name AND your Yahoo! ID. You realize that the funniest person you've ever met on line is actually the funniest person you ever met in real life. This is important since the person you once felt was the best friend you have ever had turned out to be a psyco-paranoid lying bitch!

So really! What the hell do I have to be a whinner about.

Well... today is my birthday. A day to sleep in and do only what you want to do.

BUT (nod to Connie... yes I started a sentence with But!) today was not to be that day. Instead, it started with the cutest boy in the world sneaking into the queen sized bed. This bed isn't made for two adults (way) over 200 lbs. So, birthday girl wakes up with a knee in her over full bladder. She gets Darling Boy and Darling Husband out of bed... only to have Darling Girl arrives singing Happy Birthday in a strange voice. Mommy says, "Darling, do you feel ok?" Darling says "Well my froat feels sore." Mommy feels DGs forehead and WOW are you feeling a bit hot DG? Yep. Get temp. Yucky, electronic thermometer and get 97.4. Ok, Mommy takes own temp and gets 97.4 too. Send Daddy out for thermometer from store.

An hour later, Mommy has hours of Urgent Care and is waiting for Daddy (not patiently) to get back home to get DG to UC. Daddy shows up and the family leaves for UC. Three hours later, DG has strep throat and UC refuses to give shot because DG refuses to take shot.

Ok, I still have time for RT book signing. NOT

Now, DH's family wants to see movie that Vikky doesn't have any desire to see. What to do with three children?? VIKKY can watch them! Sure, she already had plans today, but what the fuck? Why can't she watch children, she's only going off to see people she works in the (get this) porn business with.

Hubby folds under family pressure and suddenly, Vikky's birthday is taking a downturn into hell. She starts blowing gaskets and has a complete and absolute melt down in the middle of the MALL for crap's sake!!!

Ends up being the worse day ever, everyone is concerned about movie times and my lake of flexibility to watch children when I'm needed. To top it all off... my brother is the ONLY person to call me on my birthday from MY side of the family.

In fact the only people who have made my birthday feel special is my new family, Changeling Press. With Sheri at the head of birthday wishes, I got “All Wrapped Up”. It was signed by three of the four authors (Angela (who’s husband is GORGEOUS), Ann, and Dakota… Kate wasn’t at RT) as well as any other CP author I could find at the time. It was beautiful… made me cry in a good way… as opposite of what my family has made me cry.

So there you have it. My complete mental break down and the me me me day blown to shit.

I’m such a baby!