Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I’ve got no song for you, I’m tapped! LOL Yesterday, Monday, June 26, we left MD only 1 hr late (that’s pretty good for me!). We headed north to what looked to be pretty bad weather. It looked as if we were going to get rain all day. This weekend the weather channel had shown rain all along the East Coast. My in-laws (who are already in Maine) said that they’ve had nothing but rain.

Anyhow, we were just inside PA on 15 when the little guy said that he had to pee. We stopped one place and their bathrooms were for paying customers. So we went across the street to a gas station. This turned out better for us because we (kind of) got to see our first mountains. Kind of because it was still really cloudy and grey. We continued onward until we found Hershey Chocolate Factory.

The first thing we did there was to take the “Factory Tour”. This isn’t a real tour of the factory (which I had been looking forward to), instead it was a mock factory. It showed each section of the process included heat (for when they roast the bean) to the smells (when they pour the finished product). The kids applied for a job in the interactive factory thingy. LOL They got a cog (like a gear cog) and pushed a button to fill it with kisses, then they shook it all up, and sent it on it’s way down the conveyor belt with a kiss. They had fun but Wyatt pushed his button twice and then didn’t want to let his go!

We got a work badge with their picture on it and they got a cog full of candy out of it. Then we decided to break our “not buying food on the road” promise and had lunch at the cafĂ© there. Two “lunch boxes” for the kids (included a sandwich, jello, and a tiny white chocolate Kit Kat bar), chocolate milk (split between the two kids), two sandwiches (for Mommy and Daddy), two chips, and two cokes cost us $30!!!!!! The thing is Erik and I could have split a sandwich we both ended up with half a sandwich left (I ate mine for dinner last night). Then we REALLY got bad and got desert from the bakery. Each of us got a desert and that came to about $6. Then we each got a candy bar. Did you know that they now have a Reeses with marshmallow fluff! Wyatt and I got that, it was ok. I’ll stick with the original Reeses though, thank you.

When we got out of Hershey it was actually sunny! We had a pretty good driving day. When we were in the mountains (OMG I had forgotten what mountains looked like since we live in Florida) going down hills and around curves at the same time is a tad freaky! However, since we didn’t have any rain at the time I was ok and it was a rather beautiful drive. I did get a bit freaked out when I looked out my window to a valley WAY below us! We hit some rain and some traffic but arrived at our hotel around 6:50 pm. This allowed us to relax and eat dinner in our room. They have a spa/whirlpool which we went to and spend 15 luxurious minutes in with the jets hitting my poor sore neck. Did I mention that I was a control freak and wont allow anyone else to drive me? My right hand was so cramped I couldn’t use it anymore. I would have to drive with my left hand and being a righty makes that a bit difficult.

Today we are of to Maine to Erik’s uncle’s house, where his parents are waiting for us. I’m really hoping they are having the sunny day we are right now since they are only 4 hours away from where we are right now.

I don’t think I’ll able to post for a few days. I don’t know about the next few places we are staying and if they have internet access. However, I’ll still keep a journal and post when I can. TTFN (and my Mommy likes to say).