Monday, June 26, 2006

Rain, rain go away, my kids are killing me today! LOL Ok so this was suppose to be for yesterday but it rained all day and we were busy keeping the kids busy. Poor things, they had spent all day Saturday in the van and couldn’t run around like they need to, then we wake up and it is pouring rain. In fact, when we returned home from dinner last night my dad emptied the rain gauge. This was about 6:30 pm. Before going to bed there were 3 inches at I believe that was around 10pm. This morning there was a total of 4 inches.

So, mom and Erik took the kids to the mall where they have a play area. Of course it was PACKED. I stayed home to edit (no really!) and got one and a half submissions read (no editing). The group came home with a Lightening McQueen car with buttons and lots of noise and a mountain race track thing that makes (yep you guessed it) lots of noise! LOL

However, they have kept the kids busy. Right now we were suppose to be have been on the road about a half hour ago. Our plans are to go north, hit the Hershey chocolate plant and then drive on up to Auburn, MA where our next hotel is located. I wanted to take a detour to Deerfield, MA where they have the main Yankee Candle store but I’m not feeling that right now. LOL We’ll have to see later.

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