Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dropped Ball!!

Ever do that? Have great plans for a daily detail of the great summer event and then suddenly realize that it was a month since your last post? Oy! So in a nut shell we had a great vacation... LOL I can't remember everything that happened but needless to say Maine is BEAUTIFUL and Uncle Bs house is the most relaxing spot in the mountains!

We enjoyed the 50th wedding anniversary and Lorraine feel in love with Cousin S... that is an easy thing to do. She's a beautiful woman who is very sweet. I'm so proud to announce that S made it into nursing school... not an easy event to do. We have great wishes for her to graduate with ease.

We also enjoyed Mass and it's lovely rocky beaches. The kids went wild at Wells Beach, a place we are definately going to add to our list of future vacation spots. We saw Kenny Bunkport... kind of, it was very foggy and we could bearly see it. We went to the Breakers in New Port RI. Such a small summer cottage for the Vanderbelt (spelled wrong isn't it?). Good grief! I could live well in their bathroom!!!

We headed back to Hershey and had a great time. However, the hotel we had for two nights was TERRIBLE. We put our breakfast plates in the hall before leaving for the park and they were still there at 10:30 that night! I wrote a long letter explaining all the things we found wrong with the hotel, but also mentioned that we really found the front desk staff to be very professional. Just this week we recieved a full refund for our stay there. I'll keep them in mind for if we go back to Hershey Park.

We went to my parents for the 4th of July and my father's birthday. Saw my new nephew finally and my darling little niece... she's growing up so fast!

Finally, we returned home where I became busy BUSY with editing. I'm still editing for Liquid Silver and now also edit for Changeling Press who keeps me busy as HECK... I love it!!

Ok, gone again!


Alexa Aames said...

How strange that the Breakers has come up for the second time this week. A website designer asked me if I were having an architect design a house for me how would I describe what I wanted, and I said I would tell him to take a look at the Breakers. Just think about how many bookshelves one could have in a place like that. :)

Vikky said...

I was JUST thinking that I need more book space around here. Yep, I could handle the Breakers as my house.