Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NNNNOOOOOOOO! I would have BET money that Chris Daughtry was going to be the next American Idol. I have no money, but dammit, I would have bet it on him. So imagin my complete and udder shock tonight when, not only was Chris on the bottom two, but he was the one voted off.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Taylor's showmanship and voice, Elliot can belt out a song, and Katharine is beautiful and can sing like an angle, but Chris rocked. I mean he ROCKED. I would text vote for that man so many times and then throw in a few texts votes for one or two of the other contestants. For every 1 vote I threw at someone else, I voted for Chris at least 4 times.

So tonight I'm sad, cause I couldn't wait to see what else he had in store for us. This has been a most difficult, I really enjoyed most of the singers and feel that the last couple of weeks have been the hardest to decide who not to vote for.

I'm going to hide now.


Dakota Cassidy said...

OMG--I sobbed, I was so sad. Though, my heart really is with Katherine to win. She came out of nowhere. But then, I don't want ANY of them to lose at this point, but Chris was a HUGE surprise to me.

I really thought it would be Katherine.

I say we drink to get over the pain...

DC :)

Bonita said...

My son was so upset that he says he can not watch the remainder of the season. His heart was with Chris from the very beginning. Now I am an Elliot fan, I think he has the best voice and emotions (although his moves need work) and my DH is a Taylor fan because of his showmanship. I do not care for Katherine at all because although she has a lovely voice, she sings with no emotion behind the words. To me it is like she is mouth words that have no meaning for her. I really thought she would be leaving tonight.

Isabella Jordan said...

Never have watched American Idol but I LOVED this picture. And I can link you on my blog. *G*

Vikky said...

*passing D a margarita* I can't stand it. I felt sick to my stomach! I agree, both Erik and I thought it would be Katherine.

I almost feel the same way, Bonita. I don't care who wins now. I really hope that Chris gets a recording contract.

Isy, I found that picture when I was searching for a shocked face image on the internet. I couldn't help but use it! Thanks for the link.

Michelle B said...

I'm not a big American Idol fan but I do watch periodically. I did watch last night as my parents are big fans and I'm visiting them this week:) I have to say I am sad that Chris left tonight. I don't love anyone in particular this season, but I would have been okay with Kat, Chris or Elliott winning. For some reason, I just cannot stand Taylor.

I will say that all four have a great chance at a career in music though after making it this far. They've made some great contacts and I'm sure they'll have great opportunities.