Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday, July 2, we’ve headed from Attleboro, MA to Harrisburg, PA by way (out of the way) of Deerfield, MA. The flagship store for the Yankee Candle Company is there. It’s HUGE. I had thought to only spend 30 minutes in the store. However, 2 hrs and $90 poorer (I’m going to have to get a second job) we finally left the store. We did have lunch there (that was $25) and I got three small candles, three car fresheners, two lotions (for my co-worker who is the whole reason we went there) and one little purse for Miss Thing (aka Lorraine).

I was heartbroken to realize how much time was lost in that store. I had really wanted to get to our hotel room in New Cumberland with reasonable time to rest and perhaps swim in their pool. Instead we arrived after nine pm and to a darken area. Apparently 2 hours prior to our arrival there was a power outage and our hotel was included. I went inside anyway to see what could be done. For goodness sake I was exhausted and cranky… forgot to mention that Aunt Flo (the bitch) arrived for her monthly visit last night. They had been able to get their computers to work and were able to check us in. We have an outside room with a door on both the inside of the hotel and the outside of the hotel (ironically right close to where we parked). When asked, I was told that there was only one luggage cart and that family over there had it. When I asked to borrow the cart they said no it was packed with their luggage. I almost let Aunt Flo do her stuff and bitch about their “luggage” being one small carry on suitcase and three towels, when we had one double sized suitcase, two children sized suitcases, a cooler (full of my beer), two book bags, a computer bag w/two computers, and three grocery bags to carry in when the father of the group (family tree shoots straight up) shows me the second luggage cart. So Aunt Flo went quietly back to bed with the promise of a beer the minute we arrived in the room… which was getting hot and was too dark to see in. But I missed possibly the worse thing that happened today.

We were getting ready to cross from New York into Pennsylvania and were a bit worried about when the next gas station would be. We decided to go ahead and stop and the FREAKING GAS WAS $3.19!!!!!!!! I about had a heart attack. But that’s not the worse of it. Eighty miles later we found gas for $2.79. Now we would not have made it that far on the 3.8 gallons we had left (we only had just over 60 miles before we ran out) but Erik did ask me “should we just get a few dollars worth and find something else” and I said no just fill it. I don’t want to have to stop again. Dumbass!!!! We wouldn’t have saved $1.50, we would have saved $6.80!! For F**KS sake, that’s more than 2 gallons of gas we would have saved! *sobbing*

But here we are in our hotel room. Wyatt will NOT got to sleep and Erik and I had wanted to sleep in our bed alone for the first time in a week but that’s not going to happen. I swear, he is getting worse as this trip goes along. He refuses to listen to us any more and anytime we don’t give him what he wants he screams, when we do give him what he wants he screams, if I look at him in exasperation he screams. I am going to Lowe’s in the morning and getting duck tape!!

Off to drink another beer!

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