Sunday, July 02, 2006

And a good time was had by all! Today was the culmination of our entire trip. This was the very day/event that we planned our two week vacation around. Erik’s Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. This morning, we woke up early…

Oh wait I didn’t blog about yesterday (Friday, June 30). First we woke up and it turned out to be lovely. We all got ready and headed up to a restaurant by the beach, it was within walking distance. After “breakfast” (LOL), Erik, kiddies, MIL and I all headed to look at the beach. It was clearer than the day before and soon we ended up on the beach. My children (fully clothed) ran through the “lakes” and “rivers” on the beach. We found snails and more pretty rocks.

We ended up back at our rooms, taking HOT showers and packing up. After quite a bit of driving we were finally all in one car and met up with my brother-in-law and his family. We hit a lunch joint (Taco Bell) and the liquor joint and then were off to Erik’s cousin’s house. There they have a dog and a pool, so of course it didn’t take Lorraine long to decide that she was in love. My daughter decided to adopt the cousin and his lovely wife as her’s. She spent the night with them and never missed me. When I called in the morning she was headed off to get a new bathing suit because we had left with her suit. She didn’t care that we were off to go sight seeing with out her.

So, heartbroken and desolate, we headed off to Newport. This is a very cool town. However, due to time constraints we had to pack it all in. Most of the visit was done in the car. We did take a tour of The Breakers. OMG I wanna be that rich. It was B-E-A-UTIFUL!! I wanna be that rich (oops did I already say that). We took the scenic driving tour. I’d give to be as rich as the poorest house there! Needless to say it was a great drive.

We were, however, VERY late getting back and headed straight to the Elk’s to help set up. After a quick toss, me the kiddies, BIL and FIL all headed back to the rooms to get showers. Then everyone else arrived to also shower. We were still getting ready when we were supposed to have been at the hall! After a few hard moments with overly tired kiddies in the beginning, we all had a blast. Lorraine danced her heart out and suddenly realized that this would be the last time she would see Sandra and Brian (the cousins she adopted) and started sobbing. Since Mommy and Daddy refused to allow her to spend the night again (we are headed to PA in the morning), she walked the room until she found someone to take pity on her! Suddenly, Sandra and Brian couldn’t not let her down and they even danced (as a group) together. Finally, the girl fell asleep in Sandra’s arms. I offered them $3 to take her (was that wrong?) the declined and said they would take her for free!

So now, here we are, late, sleepy and worn out. I’m the only one still up because I needed to get this down before tomorrow… well later today at any rate. We are off to PA in the morning with a side trip (hopefully) to Deerfield, MA to find a store for a friend of mine. I don’t know if we can take any more! LOL… I really do miss my bed.

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