Friday, June 30, 2006

No internet connection?!? Nooooo. LOL We arrived in Maine at 12:45pm on Tuesday. Though Maine had also been plagued with constant rain we brought sunshine, good old fashion Florida sunshine with us. It was hot and humid when we got here but not raining. The kids jumped out of the van and, after the cursory hellos, they were off! I swear, Lorraine is a nuclear energy plant! She ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran… well I could go on forever. She sat down long enough for dinner but then got up and ran again! Uncle B has 40 acres on the top of a “small hill” (ie: mountain for us flatland Florida people), across the “field” is his nephew’s and he has an 8 year old girl who had been waiting for us. After some initial running, Lorraine started playing with this girl. They would disappear and return periodically. I being the control freak and liking to always know where my girl was… didn’t care. LOL I was too busy soaking up the beauty of this place and resting like I was on vacation. Finally, after a day and a half we were with my in-laws who love and adore the kids (but then who wouldn’t) and are happy answering their many questions.

Out back of this large house is the rolling back yard. It goes down hill, right into an up hill. This is Lorraine’s favorite running place. Run down hill, run up hill, turn around, run down hill, run up hill. I swear on my mother that she was still doing it at 9:30 pm Tuesday night. Needless to say, after wrapping Meme and Papa around her little finger and sleeping with them, she was the last person up, sleeping until 9 am on Wednesday.

Wednesday dawned a dreary day. It was overcast and had the look of rain. Uncle B, our cousin, Meme, and I went into town. Our poor van needed a vacuum and bath and we needed fixin’s for a lobster boil! Ayuh, I said labstah. The nephew was able to pick up live lobster for a really good price and we got hotdogs, potatoes, onions, sausage, and corn. Now this is my first time with lobster and it was… ok. I love the legs, the body with it guts looked too nasty for me and I got the tail out easily but then I saw (well there’s no nice way of saying this) the poop shoot and couldn’t do it!! I devoured the legs though (being a Maryland girl I can chow on some crab legs and lobster legs were too far from them).

Thursday morning we got up and (after a few things were taken care of) headed off. We went to the coast Wells Beach. Erik took us on a tour of Kennebunk Port. He use to work there every August with the first Bush President when he was stationed at White House Communications Agency. We had lunch on the inlet and I had a lobster roll (had heard about them on the Food Channel) and Erik had fried scallops. Now, I know that I’ll never get another lobster roll but DANG his fried scallops were like candy!

Currently we are at our hotel. If you look out our window and to the right you can see a sliver of the beach. I know this is shocking but I’m freezing cold! The kids want to go to the pool and beach and I just want to snuggle up with a beer or Margarita!

We went to dinner at a very lovely restaurant yesterday called Alfredo’s. It was family owned and operated. My mother in law and I share a pizza that I can’t remember the name of. It was a white pizza that had black olives (oh yeah), artichokes, tomatoes, pesto, and onions. OMG was it yummy. We got the kids one basket of chicken tenders that they shared, Erik had a cheese stake and his dad had a meatball sub. I can’t express how wonderful this restaurant was. If you ever get to Wells Beach you need to eat here it’s on US 1.

We walked the beach. It’s different because of all the rocks. In Florida it’s all sand and flat. Out here there are rocks and little lakes and rivers running on the beach. Hopefully we are heading out there again this morning.

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