Sunday, October 08, 2006

It was a night to remember:

So yesterday was VERY VERY busy. Erik and I worked with his sister in law in the morning and then we took the kiddies to Daytona USA at the speedway in the afternoon.

We had a blast and I kept getting chills being that close to NASCAR (I'm a freak!). We watched cars go around the track. I thought they were testing, but I was wrong. It was the Richard Petty Driving Experience which Mean Erik would NOT let me pay $150 for!! Of course I couldn't see my fat ass climbing through a window either. LOL
The downer of the Daytona USA experience was that Erik's LARGE stone picked that day out of the past two weeks to act up. He's been fighting this stone for 2 months now and the Doctor has adopted a wait and see attitude. Yesterday it was bad. Erik threw up at the track. When we came home he went straight to bed, but that was planned as he was going out around midnight to do a job with his brother. He woke up three times had had BLACK bm. Finally we got up and stayed up around 9pm, he decided to take an Imodium Ad. However, he never made it. What he also almost didn't make it was to the bathroom. There was blood everywhere! He threw up so hard that I thought his insides were coming out... so did he. He wasn't going to tell me until he started cleaning up and realized he better.

911 later, the ambulance guys are stretchering him out of my house without a word to me. I double checked that he was going to the local hospital and then started making calls. I had to call his parents because I couldn't take the children to the hospital. Then I had to call his brother. Dad came to the house to sleep so we didn't have to wake the monsters and Mom joined me at the hospital.

Short story long... (LOL) he's now at a different hospital and they are blaming the anitinflamitories that he was self medicating (the ones his Dr prescribed!) as the reason he has ulcers. Of course we don't know for sure but today the Gastro.... what ever will do a scope of his stomach and do what needs to be done to fix it. I'm going to ask about what he can do for the pain of the stone now that they are saying that he can't take Advil or Toridol (spelled?).

On a different front Lorraine's first tooth is LOOSE!!! My baby *sobbing*


Michelle said...

Vikky, darling,

What a scary thing to have happen. Tell Erik I hope he is feeling better real soon. Take care of you and the little ones, babe. Please keep us posted on things and holler if you need anything.


Dakota Cassidy said...

Lawd, darlin'. I'm sure glad he's okay now. Lemme know if ya need anything :)

DC :)

Robin49 said...

Wow very scary! I hope Erik is feeling better soon. Congrats on Lorraine's loose tooth!